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Brexit Summary

Published: 5. 7. 2020 Last update: 12. 1. 2021
The withdrawal of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland from the European Union, otherwise known as Brexit, was decided by referendum on 23rd June 2016. Subsequently, on 29th March 2017, the United Kingdom officially notified the European Council of its intention to leave the EU and the European Atomic Energy Community based on Article 50 of the Treaty of the European Union. This article stipulates that the EU will conclude an agreement with a leaving country on the conditions of withdrawal, including the arrangement of future relations. All the EU treaties and the Treaty on the European Atomic Energy Community ceased to apply to the United Kingdom on Brexit date – 31st January 2020, based on the negotiated Withdrawal Agreement. There were several steps of ratification of the Withdrawal Agreement which preceded Brexit. The agreement entered into force on 1st February 2020.

Upon withdrawal, the United Kingdom has formally become a third country. During the transition period lasting from Brexit date till 31st December 2020, unless otherwise stated, conditions of setting of future bilateral relation between the United Kingdom and the European Union are to be negotiated. Process of negotiation will be led by Michel Barnier. For the sake of future relations negotiations, the Working Party on the United Kingdom has been established. The negotiation itself will be based on the updated version of Political Declaration of 17th October 2019 which is the fundamental part of the Withdrawal Agreement. EU´s aim is to negotiate a bilateral agreement corresponding to Free Trade Area Agreement. The extents of respective areas, which will be covered by the future agreement, will be specified during the negotiations. The goal is to sign the subsequent negotiated form of bilateral relation by 1st January 2021.

Further information about current developments concerning the negotiations can be found on the Office of the Government website and the all-department website BrexitInfo.cz where all documents issued by the European Commission and the United Kingdom concerning Brexit can be found.

Impact of Brexit on the Ministry of Health’s agenda

The Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic is monitoring several areas in connection with the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the EU.

In accordance with the Withdrawal Agreement the majority of areas under the responsibility of the Ministry of Health will remain administered in the same manner till the end of the transition period – 31st December 2020, unless otherwise stated.

Additional information on Brexit to be found on other Brexit-related websites.

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