How to file a complaint

Filing a complaint is usually one of the last steps in a situation where you are not satisfied with the way  health care is provided or with its results. It is however advisable to exhaust all other possibilities to redress the situation. If this cannot be done, it is necessary to distinguish in filing a complaint whether a private or public health care facility is concerned.

It may happen that the cause of a problem is merely a little misunderstanding, insufficient ability or in a worse case, unwillingness of health personnel to explain everything in sufficient detail. It is best to resolve minor problems through a personal visit and as soon as possible.

In more serious cases it is better if you report you objections in writing, which will guarantee that you will receive a written answer within a reasonable time. A complaint can be also made over the telephone, by fax or by electronic mail.

If you are not satisfied with hospital care, it is advisable to go through your objections with the attending physician and if dissatisfied with nursing care, with the ward sister. The head physician is also obliged to listen to your complaint, as well as the top management of the hospital (director or director’s deputies).

If you are not satisfied with outpatient care in a private facility, you can either change the facility or contact your health insurer.

If you suspect a physician’s misconduct or feel that ethical rules of the work of health professionals have been broken, you can make a complaint to the Czech Medical Chamber, Czech Dental Chamber or another professional association. The Czech Medical Chamber, being as well as the other professional associations guarantors of professional standards, is obliged to investigate your initiative. In these cases it is possible to visit your health insurer and make a complaint.

If a state establishment is involved, you can turn to its founder, for example a regional council (if a regional hospital is concerned) or the Ministry of Health (if a university hospital is concerned).

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Published: 16.09.2010

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