Charter of hospitalized child

This document contains a list of rights of children patients as well as of foreigners as parents, as described below.

  1. Children can only be admitted to hospital if the care they require cannot be provided as well at home or in an outpatient facility.
  2. Children in hospital must have a right to permanent contact with their parents, brothers and sisters. If possible, the parents should be provided support and encouragement to stay with the child in the hospital. In order to participate in the treatment of their child, the parents should be fully informed about the daily running of the relevant department or unit and encouraged to become actively involved in it.
  3. Children and/or their parents must have a right to information in a form that matches their age and understanding capacity. They also have to have the opportunity to speak openly about their needs with the staff.
  4. Children and/or their parents must have a right to informed participation in all decisions concerning health care provided to them. All children have to be protected from all interventions which are not necessary for their treatment as well as from unnecessary measures taken in order to reduce their physical or emotional distress.
  5. Children must be treated with tact and understanding and their privacy must be always respected.
  6. Children must receive care from properly trained personnel, that is fully aware of physical and emotional needs of children of all age categories.
  7. Children must be able to wear their own clothes and have their things with them in hospital.
  8. Children must be cared for together with children of the same age group.
  9. Children must be in surroundings fitted and furnished in line with their developmental needs and requirements and satisfy recognized safety rules and principles of care for children.
  10. Children must be given a full opportunity to play, rest and learn, adapted to their age and state of health.

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Published: 16.09.2010

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